Music PlayLists
      1. The Suburbs Album The Suburbs

      2. Ready To Start Album The Suburbs

      3. We Exist Album Reflektor

      4. We Used To Wait Album The Suburbs

      5. No Cars Go Album Arcade Fire (EP)

      6. Wasted Hours Album The Suburbs

      7. Deep Blue Album The Suburbs

      8. Une Annee Sans Lumiere Album Funeral

      9. Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice) Album Reflektor

      10. Neighborhood #2 (Laika) Album Funeral

      11. The Woodland National Anthem Album Arcade Fire (EP)

      12. Crown of Love Album Funeral

      13. Half Light II Album The Suburbs

      14. Supersymmetry Album Reflektor

      15. Wake Up Album Funeral

      16. Ocean Of Noise Album Neon Bible

      17. Black Wave - Bad Vibrations Album Neon Bible

      18. Empty Room Album The Suburbs

      19. Half Light I Album The Suburbs

      20. In The Backseat Album Funeral

      21. My Heart Is An Apple Album Arcade Fire (EP)

      22. Modern Man Album The Suburbs

      23. Headlights Look Like Diamonds Album Arcade Fire (EP)

      24. The Well And The Lighthouse Album Neon Bible

      25. Haiti Album Funeral

      26. Normal Person Album Reflektor

      27. Suburban War Album The Suburbs

      28. Rococo Album The Suburbs

      29. Black Mirror Album Neon Bible

      30. Sprawl (Flatland) Album The Suburbs

      31. Here Comes The Night Time Album Reflektor

      32. Porno Album Reflektor

      33. Month Of May Album The Suburbs

      34. Keep The Car Running Album Neon Bible

      35. Vampire - Forest Fire Album Arcade Fire (EP)

      36. Afterlife Album Reflektor

      37. Windowsill Album Neon Bible

      38. You Already Know Album Reflektor

      39. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) Album Funeral

      40. My Body Is a Cage Album Neon Bible

      41. Here Comes The Night Time II Album Reflektor

      42. Neon Bible Album Neon Bible

      43. City With No Children Album The Suburbs

      44. Joan Of Arc Album Reflektor

      45. Old Flame Album Arcade Fire (EP)

      46. No Cars Go Album Neon Bible

      47. Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles) Album Funeral

      48. Intervention Album Neon Bible

      49. Rebellion (Lies) Album Funeral

      50. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) Album Funeral

      51. It's Never Over (Oh Orpheus) Album Reflektor

      52. Reflektor Album Reflektor

      53. (Antichrist Television Blues) Album Neon Bible

      54. I Give You Power (Broken Speaker Mix) Album I Give You Power

      55. Everything Now

      56. I'm Sleeping In A Submarine Album Arcade Fire (EP)

      57. I Give You Power (Instrumental) Album I Give You Power

      58. Creature Comfort

      59. The Suburbs (Continued) Album The Suburbs

      60. Flashbulb Eyes Album Reflektor

      61. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) Album The Suburbs

      62. I Give You Power (Feat. Mavis Staples) Album I Give You Power



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