Music PlayLists


      1. Sweet Disposition Music by The Temper Trap

      2. Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? Music by Arctic Monkeys

      3. You've Got The Love Music by Florence + The Machine

      4. Tongue Tied Music by Grouplove

      5. Fell in Love With a Girl Music by The White Stripes

      6. Electric Feel Music by MGMT

      7. Ask Music by The Smiths

      8. Sleepwalking Music by Modest Mouse

      9. I Will Follow You Into The Dark Music by Death Cab For Cutie

      10. First Day of My Life Music by Bright Eyes

      11. I'll Be Your Man Music by The Black Keys

      12. Marry Song Music by Band Of Horses

      13. Awake My Soul Music by Mumford & Sons

      14. Float On Music by Modest Mouse

      15. Unintended Music by Muse

      16. Stubborn Love Music by The Lumineers

      17. My Heart Is An Apple Music by Arcade Fire

      18. Soul Meets Body Music by Death Cab For Cutie

      19. I Know It's Over Music by The Smiths

      20. This Modern Love Music by Bloc Party

      21. All I Want Is You Music by Ball Park Music

      22. Such Great Heights Music by The Postal Service

      23. Toothpaste Kisses Music by The Maccabees

      24. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Music by The Smiths

      25. Skinny Love Music by Bon Iver

      26. No One's Gonna Love You Music by Band Of Horses

      27. To Be Alone With You Music by Sufjan Stevens

      28. Our Way to Fall Music by Yo La Tengo

      29. Sea Of Love Music by Cat Power

      30. January Wedding Music by The Avett Brothers

      31. 1234 Music by Feist

      32. Love Interruption Music by Jack White

      33. Love And Some Verses Music by Iron & Wine

      34. Fresh Feeling Music by Eels

      35. So Here We Are Music by Bloc Party

      36. Fallingforyou Music by The 1975

      37. Ion Square Music by Bloc Party

      38. Forever And Ever Amen Music by The Drums



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