Music PlayLists
      1. So Unaware Album California Nights

      2. Each And Every Day Album Crazy For You

      3. Who Have I Become Album Fade Away (EP)

      4. When I'm With You (Bonus Track) Album Crazy For You

      5. Do You Still Love Me Like You Used To Album The Only Place

      6. California Nights Album California Nights

      7. The End Album Crazy For You

      8. Let's Go Home Album The Only Place

      9. No One Like You Album The Only Place

      10. I Don't Know How Album Fade Away (EP)

      11. Sleep Won't Ever Come Album California Nights

      12. This Lonely Morning Album Fade Away (EP)

      13. I Want To Album Crazy For You

      14. Boyfriend Album Crazy For You

      15. Fade Away Album Fade Away (EP)

      16. In My Eyes Album California Nights

      17. Honey Album Crazy For You

      18. Bratty B Album Crazy For You

      19. Heaven Sent Album California Nights

      20. Crazy For You Album Crazy For You

      21. Summer Mood Album Crazy For You

      22. Why I Cry Album The Only Place

      23. Jealousy Album California Nights

      24. Dreaming My Life Away Album The Only Place

      25. When Will I Change Album California Nights

      26. Goodbye Album Crazy For You

      27. Run Through My Head Album California Nights

      28. Fading Fast Album California Nights

      29. Up All Night Album The Only Place

      30. Better Girl Album The Only Place

      31. The Only Place Album The Only Place

      32. Happy Album Crazy For You

      33. Our Deal Album Crazy For You

      34. Fine Without You Album California Nights

      35. Feeling Ok Album California Nights

      36. My Life Album The Only Place

      37. Last Year Album The Only Place

      38. I Wanna Know Album Fade Away (EP)

      39. How They Want Me To Be Album The Only Place

      40. Baby I'm Crying Album Fade Away (EP)

      41. Fear Of My Identity Album Fade Away (EP)

      42. Wasted Time Album California Nights

      43. When The Sun Don't Shine Album Crazy For You



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