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      Does It Float

      Does It Float

      Dinosaur Jr

      Album: Dinosaur

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      Dinosaur Jr - Does It Float Música y Letra

      The rain has washed my dog away again.
      Closest to a breathing thing I'd call a friend.
      Hope the next wave brings a valentine.
      Its been so cold and lonely here,
      Ever since that cloud appeared.
      I keep wishing the lamp would shine,
      Feed me any piece of you. 
      I'll find a way to prop it up alone.
      Cause I care about the way you stand,
      But I think you'd look nicer if you had a few bones. 
      Waiting for the tree to cry
      Blow a kiss as the mountains wave bye.
      And the turtles are running free.
      Blind man has got a whip
      It's more fun than that white stick.
      He bought a carrot, but he still can't see. 
      You know I've waited forty-six years,
      For a ray of hope to pierce me through. 
      Then I could bleed the sunshine.
      And wriggle chest high in mountain dew.
      There's only so much to endure.
      There's only so much space here on my skewer.
      Sick of second billing to that magic goat.
      All I wanna know, baby.
      Does it float? [x6]
      Does it float? [x4]
      Why does it float?
      Does it float?

      Dinosaur Jr - Does It Float Música y Letra






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