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      I Ran Away

      I Ran Away

      Dinosaur Jr

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      Dinosaur Jr - I Ran Away Música y Letra

      Never sure whose side to take
      Never sure when I’m awake
      If there’s a difference make it three
      If I could change I would agree
      There’s a section outta reach
      Little things I’d like to keep
      Rattles in your head a sign
      I’d expect another time
      I ran away
      I gave it up today
      Who could I blame
      It can’t be true
      I ran away
      I stomped an then I phase
      That’s where I stay
      To wait for you
      Keep it now and keep the sound
      All the piecеs that you found
      Fit together just to reach you
      Hold up outta town
      In thе head’s a jumbled mess
      Like to sort this out instead
      I can’t hold on just to meet you
      Push out all the rest
      I ran away
      You had enough to say
      It fell away without a peep
      Can I expect
      Don’t need to be that wreck
      That’s not to say it’s gonna keep
      Meet me where I know
      Here’s a piece I can’t let go
      The difference is you found it
      There’s no way of knowin'
      Packed away from here
      Swallowed up and logged the fear
      Wish you took a picture
      To show me where you're goin
      I ran away
      If you gave up today
      I found a way to keep it true
      I ran away
      It can’t just be this way
      That’s where I’ll stay
      To wait for you

      Dinosaur Jr - I Ran Away Música y Letra






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