Music PlayLists
      1. In Love Album The Psychedelic Swamp

      2. These Days Album Be The Void

      3. Someday Album Shame, Shame

      4. Broken Heart Album B-Room (Deluxe Edition)

      5. Die Die Die Album We All Belong

      6. The Truth Album B-Room (Deluxe Edition)

      7. Holes in My Back Album Midi Swamp

      8. Army Of Ancients Album Fate

      9. Holes In My Back Album The Psychedelic Swamp

      10. Engineer Says Album The Psychedelic Swamp

      11. Cuckoo Album B-Room (Deluxe Edition)

      12. Badvertise Album The Psychedelic Swamp

      13. Swampadelic Pop Album The Psychedelic Swamp

      14. Fire On My Back Album The Psychedelic Swamp

      15. Rock And Roll Album B-Room (Deluxe Edition)

      16. Vampire Album Be The Void

      17. Golden Hind Album The Psychedelic Swamp

      18. Worst Trip Album We All Belong

      19. Jackie Wants A Black Eye Album Shame, Shame

      20. Christmas Party Album Oh My Christmas Tree (EP)

      21. Hang On Album Fate

      22. Over Here, Over There Album Be The Void

      23. Old News Album We All Belong

      24. The Beach Album Fate

      25. Stranger Album Shame, Shame

      26. The Ark Album Fate

      27. Beer Can Album Passed Away, Vol. 1

      28. Heavy Light Album Be The Void

      29. Golden Hind Album Midi Swamp

      30. 100 Years Album Fate

      31. Bring My Baby Back Album Midi Swamp

      32. Phenomenon Album B-Room (Deluxe Edition)

      33. The Girl Album We All Belong

      34. Weekend Album We All Belong

      35. Eyesing The Blues Album Passed Away, Vol. 1

      36. We All Belong Album We All Belong

      37. Going Home Album Passed Away, Vol. 1

      38. Sadvertise Album Midi Swamp

      39. The Way The Lazy Do Album We All Belong

      40. Oh My God Album Passed Away, Vol. 1

      41. Little Bird Album Passed Away, Vol. 1

      42. Swamp Theme Album Midi Swamp

      43. Keep A Friend Album We All Belong

      44. Engineer Says Album Midi Swamp

      45. Swamp Is On Album The Psychedelic Swamp

      46. How Long Must I Wait Album Be The Void

      47. Nobody No More Album Midi Swamp

      48. Oh Me Oh My Album Passed Away, Vol. 1

      49. Mirror, Mirror Album Shame, Shame

      50. From Album Fate

      51. (Swamp Inflammation) Album The Psychedelic Swamp

      52. Too Weak To Ramble Album B-Room (Deluxe Edition)

      53. Ain't It Strange Album We All Belong

      54. Distant Light Album B-Room (Deluxe Edition)

      55. Swamp Pop Album Midi Swamp

      56. Say Something Album Easy Beat

      57. Station Album Shame, Shame

      58. Mt. Slippery Album B-Room (Deluxe Edition)

      59. The Attachment Album Midi Swamp

      60. Can't Remember Album B-Room (Deluxe Edition)

      61. I Only Wear Blue Album Shame, Shame

      62. Later Album Shame, Shame

      63. Dead Record Player Album Midi Swamp

      64. Oh My Christmas Tree Album Oh My Christmas Tree (EP)

      65. Unbearable Why Album Shame, Shame

      66. Twilight Album B-Room (Deluxe Edition)

      67. Uncovering The Old Album Fate

      68. I Believe In Santa Claus Album Oh My Christmas Tree (EP)

      69. Swamp Is On Album Midi Swamp

      70. Fire on My Back Album Midi Swamp



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