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      Come On Home

      Come On Home

      Franz Ferdinand

      Album: Franz Ferdinand

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      Franz Ferdinand - Come On Home Música y Letra

      Although my lover lives in a place that I can't live
      I kinda find I like a life this lonely
      It rips and pierces me in places I can't see
      I love the rip of nerves, the rip that wakes me
      So I'm dissatisfied, I love to dissatisfied
      I love to feel there's always more that i need
      So come on home
      You're where you want to be, I'm where i want to be
      Come on we're chasing everything we've ever wanted
      I replace you easily, replace pathetically
      I flirt with any flyingthing that falls my way
      But how I needed you, when I needed you
      Let's not forget we are so strong, so bloody strong
      Come on home
      So come on home
      Blue light falls upon your perfect skin
      Falls and you draw back again
      Falls and this is how I fell
      And I can not forget
      And I can not forget
      Come on home, so come on home
      But don't forget to leave

      Franz Ferdinand - Come On Home Música y Letra






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