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      Out On The Town

      Out On The Town


      Album: Some Nights

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      Fun - Out On The Town Música y Letra

      I set all my regrets on fire 
      Cause I know I'll never take the time 
      To unpack my missteps 
      Or call all of our friends 
      I figured they would take your side 
      I make the bed, just not that well 
      Your name comes up a lot 
      When I talk to my mom 
      Oh I think she can tell 
      I was out on the town 
      So I came to your window last night 
      I tried not to throw stones 
      But I wanted to come inside 
      Now I'm causing a scene 
      Thinking you need a reason to smile 
      Oh no, what have I done? 
      There is no one to keep me warm 
      So maybe I should put out the fire 
      Call them back and borrow a box knife 
      So I can learn to live with all the stupid shit 
      I've been doing since '99 
      And I know I can be more clever 
      And I know I can be more strong 
      But I'm waiting for the day 
      You'll come back and say 
      "Hey, maybe I should change my mind" 
      I drink a lot 
      I'm not sure if that's new 
      But these days when I wake up 
      From a night I forgot 
      I just wish that it'd never came true 
      I knew there'd come a day 
      When all was said and done 
      When everything I was 
      Is everything but gone 
      All my big mistakes 
      Are bouncing off your wall 
      The bottles never break 
      The sun will never come 
      So come on let me in 
      I will be the sun 
      I will wake you up 
      I am who I was 
      Just open up your heart

      Fun - Out On The Town Música y Letra






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