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      House By The Sea

      House By The Sea

      Iron & Wine

      Album: The Shepherd's Dog

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      Iron & Wine - House By The Sea Música y Letra

      There is a house by the sea
      Two jealous sisters, they're waiting for me
      And one is laid on the floor
      And one is changing the locks on the doors
      And I've been buying the time on my knees
      And I've been selling their blankets to bleed (on)
      Around the house by the sea
      The scent of roses and raspberry leaves
      And there is smoke in my clothes
      Too much time with just smoke in my nose
      And I've been making the meaning they lack
      And I've been burning that book they come back too
      There is a house by the sea
      And an ocean between it and me
      And like the shape of a wave
      The jealous sisters will sing on my grave
      And I've been living to run where they led
      And I've been dying to rise from their bed
      And I've been sparing my neck from their chain
      And they've been changing the sound of my name
      And I've been swimming to them in my sleep
      And I've been dreaming our love and our freedom

      Iron & Wine - House By The Sea Música y Letra






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