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      Doin' The Cockroach

      Doin' The Cockroach

      Modest Mouse

      Album: Lonesome Crowded West

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      Modest Mouse - Doin' The Cockroach Música y Letra

      I was in heaven
      I was in hell
      Believe in neither
      But fear them as well
      This one's a doctor
      This one's a lawyer
      This one's a cash fiend
      taking your money
      Back of the metro
      Ride on the greyhound
      Drunk on the Amtrak
      Please shut up
      Another rider
      He was a talker
      Talking about TV
      Please shut up
      This one's a crazer
      Daydreaming disaster
      The origin of junk food
      Rutting through garbage
      Tasty but worthless
      Dogs eat their own shit
      We're doing the cockroach yeah
      Doin the cockroach yeah
      Doin the cockroach yeah (alright, not bad) [x3]
      One year
      Twenty years
      Forty years
      Fifty years
      Down the road in your life
      You'll look in the mirror
      And say, "My parents are still alive."
      You move your mouth
      You shake your tongue
      You vibrate my eardrums
      You're saying words
      But you know I ain't listening
      You're walking down the street
      Your face
      Your lips
      Your hips
      Your eyes
      They meet
      You're not hungry though
      Well late last winter
      Down below the equator
      They had a summer that would make you blister
      Oh my mind is all made up
      So I'll have to sleep in it [x3]

      Modest Mouse - Doin' The Cockroach Música y Letra






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