Music PlayLists
      1. Sky High Standards Album What Is Love?

      2. Simplistic Trance Like Getaway Album Time Travel

      3. The Look Album Indigo

      4. Robot Album Time Travel

      5. Piggy Bank Album Harmony

      6. Complex Heart Album Time Travel

      7. Until I Die Alone Album Time Travel

      8. This Shit Getz Old Album Harmony

      9. Sweet Perfection Album Harmony

      10. Simple Enough Album The Summer EP

      11. Lost At Sea Album Time Travel

      12. Subliminal Messages Album Sunflower

      13. Trouble Album Me & My Uke

      14. Big City Dreams Album The Yippee EP

      15. I Love You 5 Album What Is Love?

      16. On The Brightside [Live] Album Love (Live)

      17. Lovesick Album Harmony

      18. Hummingbird Album The Summer EP

      19. I Love You 5 [Live] Album Love (Live)

      20. Sellout Album Harmony

      21. Love Is Our Weapon [Live] Album Love (Live)

      22. Happy Album The Summer EP

      23. Trampoline Album Harmony

      24. Harmony Album Harmony

      25. What Is Love? Album What Is Love?

      26. Sunflower Album Sunflower

      27. The Past Album What Is Love?

      28. Silver Eecstasy Album Time Travel

      29. Can't Stand It Album What Is Love?

      30. Damn Dog Album What Is Love?

      31. First Dance Album Harmony

      32. Good Times Album Sunflower

      33. Aeroplane Album Sunflower

      34. Wrong Side of Town Album Indigo

      35. Coffee And Cigarettes Album Harmony

      36. CheaterCheaterBestFriendEater Album Harmony

      37. I Need You Album Sunflower

      38. New Sound Album Sunflower

      39. Awful Album Time Travel

      40. Dare4Distance Album The Yippee EP

      41. Smelyalata Album The Yippee EP

      42. Fifteen Album What Is Love?

      43. Life Goes On Album Indigo

      44. California Slang Album Indigo

      45. Malibu Album Sunflower

      46. Old-Timer Album Sunflower

      47. Your Biggest Fan Album Me & My Uke

      48. Falling Up Album Sunflower

      49. Sorry Album Indigo

      50. Hazel Eyez Album Indigo

      51. On The Bright Side Album The Summer EP

      52. Time Traveler Blues Album Sunflower

      53. Wild Child Album Sunflower

      54. Here Goes Nothin Album The Yippee EP

      55. Love Is Our Weapon Album What Is Love?

      56. All Mine Album Indigo

      57. Losing It Album The Summer EP

      58. Time Travel Album Time Travel

      59. Over The Years Album The Yippee EP

      60. The Duet Album The Summer EP

      61. I Just Laugh Album The Summer EP

      62. Sacrilegious Album What Is Love?

      63. Liar Liar Album The Summer EP

      64. Did It Hurt Album Me & My Uke

      65. Knock, Knock Album Sunflower

      66. Lousy Truth Album Harmony

      67. Magic Album Indigo

      68. Honey-Dew Album Indigo

      69. Lust Album Indigo

      70. California Album What Is Love?



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