Music PlayLists
      1. Gold On The Ceiling Album El Camino

      2. Lonely Boy Album El Camino

      3. Little Black Submarines Album El Camino

      4. Nova Baby Album El Camino

      5. Turn Blue Album Turn Blue

      6. Fever Album Turn Blue

      7. Dead And Gone Album El Camino

      8. Strange Times Album Attack & Release

      9. Keep My Name Outta Your Mouth

      10. Wild Child

      11. Weight Of Love Album Turn Blue

      12. Lo/Hi

      13. Tighten Up Album Brothers

      14. The Go Getter Album Brothers

      15. Black Door Album Magic Potion

      16. Midnight In Her Eyes Album Thickfreakness

      17. Sinister Kid Album Brothers

      18. Act Nice And Gentle Album Rubber Factory

      19. Brooklyn Bound Album The Big Come Up

      20. 10 Lovers Album Turn Blue

      21. The Flame Album Magic Potion

      22. Lies Album Attack & Release

      23. It's Up To You Now Album Turn Blue

      24. Gotta Get Away Album Turn Blue

      25. The Only One Album Brothers

      26. So He Won't Break Album Attack & Release

      27. Oceans And Streams Album Attack & Release

      28. Bullet In The Brain Album Turn Blue

      29. Girl Is On My Mind Album Rubber Factory

      30. All Hands Against His Own Album Rubber Factory

      31. Psychotic Girl Album Attack & Release

      32. Next Girl Album Brothers

      33. Keep Me Album Rubber Factory

      34. Busted Album The Big Come Up

      35. Set You Free Album Thickfreakness

      36. Mind Eraser Album El Camino

      37. Modern Times Album Magic Potion

      38. All You Ever Wanted Album Attack & Release

      39. Run Right Back Album El Camino

      40. Leavin' Trunk Album The Big Come Up

      41. Sister Album El Camino

      42. Till I Get My Way Album Rubber Factory

      43. In Our Prime Album Turn Blue

      44. Run Me Down Album The Big Come Up

      45. If You See Me Album Thickfreakness

      46. Give Your Heart Away Album Magic Potion

      47. Countdown Album The Big Come Up

      48. When The Lights Go Out Album Rubber Factory

      49. Too Afraid To Love You Album Brothers

      50. Yearnin' Album The Big Come Up

      51. Strange Desire Album Magic Potion

      52. Just A Little Heat Album Magic Potion

      53. I'm Not The One Album Brothers

      54. Do The Rump Album The Big Come Up

      55. I Cry Alone Album Thickfreakness

      56. Everlasting Light Album Brothers

      57. No Trust Album Thickfreakness

      58. These Days Album Brothers

      59. Heavy Soul Album The Big Come Up

      60. Black Mud Album Brothers

      61. Have Love Will Travel Album Thickfreakness

      62. Howlin' For You Album Brothers

      63. Aeroplane Blues Album Rubber Factory

      64. You're The One Album Magic Potion

      65. Just Got To Be Album Magic Potion

      66. She Said, She Said Album The Big Come Up

      67. Hard Row Album Thickfreakness

      68. Chop And Change Album Soundtrack The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

      69. Hell Of A Season Album El Camino

      70. Same Old Thing Album Attack & Release



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