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      Quiet Town

      Quiet Town

      The Killers

      Album: Pressure Machine

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      The Killers - Quiet Town Música y Letra

      A couple of kids got hit by a Union Pacific train
      Carrying sheet metal and household appliances
      Through the pouring rain
      They were planning on getting married after graduation
      Had a little baby girl, trouble came and shut it down
      Things like that ain't supposed to happen
      In this quiet town
      Families are tight
      Good people
      They still don't deadbolt their doors at night
      In this quiet town
      When we first heard opioid stories
      They were always in whispering tones
      Now, banners of sorrow mark the front steps of childhood homes
      Parents wept through daddy's girl eulogies and merit badge milestones
      With their daughters and sons
      Laying there lifeless in their suits and gowns
      Somebody's been keepin' secrets
      In this quiet town
      They know how to live
      Good people who lean on Jesus
      They're quick to forgive
      In this quiet town
      Now whenever I'm near the town I'll find some reason to give
      And I will walk with the dead and the living where I used to live
      And every time I see my parents in the prime of their lives
      Offering their son the kind of love he could never put down
      Well, part of me is still that stainless kid, lucky
      In this quiet town
      Salt of the land
      Hard-working people
      If you're in trouble, they'll lend you a hand
      Here in this quiet town
      The first crop of hay is up
      School let out, and the Sun beats down
      Smoke billows from a Sunday train
      That cries away from a quiet town

      The Killers - Quiet Town Música y Letra






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