Music PlayLists
      1. Guns For Hands Album Vessel

      2. Christmas Saves The Year

      3. Holding On To You Album Vessel

      4. Stressed Out Album Blurryface

      5. Lovely Album Regional At Best

      6. Level of Concern

      7. House Of Gold Album Vessel

      8. Guns For Hands Album Regional At Best

      9. Car Radio - Great Good Fine OK Remix Album Quiet is Violent

      10. Migraine Album Vessel

      11. Forest Album Migraine

      12. Fall Away Album Twenty One Pilots

      13. My Blood

      14. Ode To Sleep Album Regional At Best

      15. Jumpsuit Album Trench

      16. Implicit Demand For Proof Album Twenty One Pilots

      17. Friend, Please Album Twenty One Pilots

      18. Guns for Hands - Dzeko & Torres Remix Album Quiet is Violent

      19. Trees Album Regional At Best

      20. The Pantaloon Album Twenty One Pilots

      21. The Run And Go Album Vessel

      22. Message Man Album Blurryface

      23. Levitate Album Trench

      24. March To The Sea Album Twenty One Pilots

      25. Morph Album Trench

      26. Fairly Local Album Blurryface

      27. Legend Album Trench

      28. Car Radio Album Regional At Best

      29. Glowing Eyes Album Regional At Best

      30. Air Catcher Album Twenty One Pilots

      31. Forest Album Regional At Best

      32. The Judge Album Blurryface

      33. Bandito Album Trench

      34. Heathens

      35. We Don't Believe What's On TV Album Blurryface

      36. Migraine - Live from the LC Pavilion Album Migraine

      37. Pet Cheetah Album Trench

      38. Addict With A Pen Album Twenty One Pilots

      39. Slowtown Album Regional At Best

      40. Car Radio Album Vessel

      41. Hometown Album Blurryface

      42. Heavydirtysoul Album Blurryface

      43. Clear Album Regional At Best

      44. Leave The City Album Trench

      45. Kitchen Sink Album Regional At Best

      46. Nico And The Niners Album Trench

      47. Trees (Remasterizada) Album Vessel

      48. Semi-Automatic Album Vessel

      49. Not Today Album Blurryface

      50. Cut My Lip Album Trench

      51. Truce Album Vessel

      52. Guns For Hands Album Migraine

      53. My Blood Album Trench

      54. Tear In My Heart Album Blurryface

      55. Guns For Hands - Live from SXSW Album Quiet is Violent

      56. Oh, Ms. Believer Album Twenty One Pilots

      57. Chlorine Album Trench

      58. Isle Of Flightless Birds Album Twenty One Pilots

      59. Doubt Album Blurryface

      60. Goner Album Blurryface

      61. Ride Album Blurryface

      62. Trapdoor Album Twenty One Pilots

      63. Lane Boy Album Blurryface

      64. Before You Start Your Day Album Twenty One Pilots

      65. Taxi Cab Album Twenty One Pilots

      66. Migraine Album Migraine

      67. Screen Album Vessel

      68. Johnny Boy Album Twenty One Pilots

      69. Smithereens Album Trench

      70. Anathema Album Regional At Best



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